BEYOND THE CLINIC: Remote Spirometry Data Collection in Respiratory Diseases

Discover how remote spirometry may afford greater opportunities to improve the patient experience and gather data that becomes more reflective of everyday activity. Learn more about the advantages of mobile spirometry in respiratory disease clinical trials in an informative whitepaper from Koneksa.

This Whitepaper Discusses:

  • The evolution of mobile spirometry techniques and technology
  • The role mobile spirometry plays in improving patient experiences
  • The implementation of new mobile spirometry best practices
  • The results of a recent publication in Clinical and Translational Science comparing at-home and in-clinic spirometry, including implications for clinical trials

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This whitepaper discusses how moving spirometry out of the clinic can offer opportunities for collecting more data in settings reflective of patients’ day-to-day activities, while also improving the patient experience. It also shares information on a recent published study investigating patient compliance and more.