Playbook Digest

Focus on Pulse Oximetry

At-home pulse oximeters have become a topic of discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting questions about OTC device reliability and remotely collected patient data quality. Learn more about the shift from in-clinic to remote efforts in an informative digest from Koneksa.

This Discussion Will Cover

  • The benefits of at-home pulse oximetry for remote triaging during COVID-19 and beyond
  • The accuracy of over-the-counter pulse oximetry device readings performed by patients
  • The trend of moving digital measures for pulse oximetry from clinics to patient homes
  • The application of DiME’s The Playbook best practices in clinical care and research

Download the Digest

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The Playbook is an industry manual developed by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) that establishes best practices for managing effective digital measures in and out of the clinic. Koneksa’s digest demonstrates its real-world impact in the field of pulse oximetry.