A Koneksa Digest:

Focus on Oncology

Clinical research and care delivery in cancer face unique challenges. While treatment outcomes and disease management are well supported by imaging and lab tests, these measures provide little information about the patient experience of anticancer therapy. Understanding the patient journey becomes increasingly important as novel therapies are approved, putting oncologists and their patients in the position to have to choose among treatment options.


  • Why remote monitoring is important for patients, particularly in oncology research
  • A guide for developing and deploying digital clinical measures and remote monitoring
  • A case study of our oncology work with Dr. Nitin Ohri of Montefiore Medical Center, in which our platform enabled the deployment of wearables in oncology research

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The Playbook is an industry manual developed by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) that establishes best practices for managing effective digital measures in and out of the clinic. Koneksa’s digest demonstrates its real-world impact in the field of oncology.