Implementing Digital Endpoints in CNS Clinical Trials

Learn about the function of digital endpoints and digital biomarkers in CNS clinical trials from the experts at Koneksa. Watch a recording of the webinar, “Implementing Digital Endpoints in CNS Clinical Trials,” and download a supporting whitepaper to understand the role of digital measures in CNS clinical research.


The opportunities and challenges that exist in developing digital biomarkers for CNS

A PD case study revealing the challenges of moving from experiment to endpoint

The future of digital endpoints and translating work in PD to other disease areas

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In this webinar and whitepaper, members of the Koneksa team discuss best practices in using digital measurements and endpoints to support psychiatry and neurology clinical research. Peer-reviewed research and an informative Parkinson’s disease case study demonstrate the validity of this work and the impact digital biomarkers can have on researchers and patients.



Robert Ellis, Ph.D.
Head of Data Science at Koneksa
Robert leads Koneksa’s data sciences team, working with an internal team of data scientists and statisticians for algorithm development, validation activities, and the development of next-generation digital measures. Robert has a Ph.D. in geophysics and more than ten years of experience in enterprise technology leadership at the SVP/CTO level.


Chris Benko
CEO at Koneksa
Chris Benko has twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including implementing the operating model for the translational medicine functions of Merck Research Labs. He subsequently held executive roles spanning the company’s research and commercial divisions, as well as positions at the corporate level as head of global talent management. Chris launched Koneksa as an entrepreneur in residence with Merck’s corporate venture capital fund before establishing Koneksa as an independent company.